Thunderstorms on Google Maps, right now, and when it happens.
NB!! If you only see advertisings, turn your phone/tablet to horisontal and update, then you can go back to vertical and see the map and thunder.

How do I use this page:

When you arrive on the site, and you have not input your own GPS coordinates, you position is determined via your IP.

When you have given your GPS coordinates, and eg. zoom level 19, you will broght to the top of where you are in the center of the Google Map. uses standard Google Maps functionality.

The top line below the Menu line, contains status about the connection to, who is registrering the current thunderstorms, and make display of the lightnings on Google Maps possible

As long as no lightning is detected in the area you see on Google Maps, the line must write: "Connected to Blitzortung", if not you are not conected, so try to press refresh, and see if it helps.

When a lightning is detected, the line will write the following:

The line is an Example: Delay 3.2 seconds - Last lightning recorded, follow by date and time and timezone, followed by number of lightnings detected, and shown with the yellow marker on the map.

You can zoom in/out according to Google Maps permissions on the area you are in. In fact you can zoom into your own backyard, and out to the whole world, and if any thunderstorm, they will be shown, with yellow markers for each lightning detected.

The system is generally so fast, so that if you are loking at the vicinity of the thunderstorm, and you are personally in this vicinity, you might see the light, hear the bleep from your computer, and then first here the boom from the lightning.

The number of lightnings on the map, remains unchanged even if you change zoom level, or area, so if you want to start with fresh numbers, you will have to refresh the page.